Why every business needs a backup & disaster recovery plan


Almost every business today relies on computers.

What would happen to your business if you lost all of your data? Your databases, documents, financials and photos suddenly gone and unrecoverable. It would be a disaster!

Planning for protection against disaster is an important part of every company’s IT strategy.

Cyber-attacks and Digital Disasters:

Viruses such as Cryptolocker and other ransomware will quickly spread through a network and encrypt all of the data it can find, making each system unusable. Database corruption and failing hardware can also result in unreadable data. Planning ahead and making sure you have a fully redundant backup system in place will mitigate the risk of data loss and minimise the downtime to your business. Security hardware and software and user education is also an important part of keeping your data safe and out of the hand of hackers.

Natural Disasters:

Computers are fragile.  Fires, floods and other natural disasters will destroy hardware as well as data. While you can’t plan for a meteorite strike, you can have strategies in place to ensure that your business can continue with minimal downtime in the event of a natural disaster. Redundant, offsite backups, backup power and always-available IT support are all important parts of a backup and disaster recovery plan.

The Human Disaster:

Sometimes it is just a simple mistake that can cause a big disaster. A spilt cup of coffee can be as destructive to a server as forty days of flooding, and an employee “tidying up” the file system can cause just as much data loss as a ransomware attack. IT policies, user training and staff education are all key elements of a backup and disaster recovery plan.

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